Real Beauty, Hard to Come By Nowadays

So nowadays it is almost impossible to tell if a girl looks good. Why? Because there is so much fake-ness going around. It is like a sickness, be it make up, plastic surgery, photo-shop, padding, etc. So I wanted to make a blog post about girls I find beautiful. And I cant have a post about this without including my gorgeous girlfriend, someone who I find beautiful inside and out, and she doesn't use make up like every every and I mean everyone else does. That is my favorite part, knowing that I can wake up to the same pretty face without having to worry about looking at some girl's "pre-make up face -.-" and that Is more reason for why I love her. Natural Beauty =]

Now for celebrities, one of the things that upsets me most about celebrities is their obsession with wanting to be grossly skinny to the point of bones. Beauty must be comfortable, beauty must be shwon through your body as well as your face, a lot of women seem to forget that

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