Here are a bunch of links I find are very interesting and informative. I get inspiration from all sorts of places. This will be where I find some of it.

Farhan K Youtube ( I stumbled upon his youtube channel one day and I have not been able to stop visiting. His videos are amazing and will enlighten you. You should all watch his series " Illuminated Atheism" , "Conspiritus", and "The Obama Deception"

Farhan K Blog ( Same person in the above link)

Prophetic/Coincidence? More like Planned ( Albert Pike Freemasonry: WW3?)

Proving Atheism Wrong ( Dr. Zakir Naik)

Bible Errors ( Dr. Zakir Naik)

John Stewart Shuts Down Idiot Opposition of Cordoba House (Why The "Why There" campaign is total BS)

Lowkey Music Video-Obama Nation ( Daring rap artist who speaks the truth about American politics and injustices.

Lowkey Music Video-Long Live Palestine

Lowkey Music Video-Terrorist?