One Key : 2 Doors

Ever have that feeling that you have so much bottled inside you? The feeling of having so many thoughts that you forget what you were just thinking about. Sometimes my mind races and I cant find the brake. Here is where I'll post random thoughts I just can't keep to myself. 

What If?

What if? What if could be a very dangerous question. But danger is exciting. Danger is intriguing. Imagine if you can live out every option before making your choice. (On anything.) Nothing more than a dream. But it is hard to leave it at that. What if an opportunity presented itself to you but you were not sure for once again? How many times would something need to approach you in order for you to realize it may be for a reason? I like to think things happen for a reason. I used to always be scared to act on such things but if you never act, then who knows what you could be missing out on. Maybe second chances are destined. Maybe the first time through was not the right time. People grow, people learn. Life is hard. Love is easy. Life is easy. Love is hard. What if I knew the questions? What if I knew all the answers?  What if  knew where I was going? What if I knew why my mind is racing? What if I knew why we met? What if I knew why I can't stop thinking about you? What if you knew what I was talking about? What if you knew who I was talking about? What if I told you, you're not the only one? What if I told you I feel the same way? What if I told you I can be everything you need? What if I'm wrong? What if I'm right? What if you figure this out? What if there is nothing to figure out? What if?

Under Influence?

Circumstances define decisions. Your surroundings and people that you associate with can make or break you. Too many people fall into this trap. Thinking that the crowd that fell upon them is the crowd they must be with to fit in and to be happy. There is always two routes, there will be the crowds that find you, and the crowds you find. Surroundings can always be changed, it's up to the person to decide whether change is something they can handle. Change is something everyone may want, but the ability to handle it is where people become weak. Would you be able to sacrifice things in hopes of a better future? Leaving things to chance is often a deterrent.  But the saying is ; with great risk comes great reward. 


 I can win you over by being myself, and someone else can win you over when you're pressured. Two very different approaches. It's always okay to have fun and let loose once in awhile but don't let your guard go down. Its these situations where the most damage occurs. Intentions are very simple to pin point. A lot of people complain that they end up with someone totally different from who they thought they had met. Things like this happen when you meet someone in the wrong situation. It may seem right at the time but why set your self up to be hurt. Cut loose ends. Stop over looking the people who have always been right in front of you. When you over look things, you trip. 


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