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Igoe Road

This is Igoe Road. I first learned about this place from my cousin who told the tale during a family visit. It was extra appropriate seeing as how it was only a 10 minute drive away. Igoe Road is located in Marlboro, New Jersey, a place my cousin has lived all her life. This was the first I ever heard of this place though. It was shortly after we saw Ammityville Horror which sparked our imaginations.

So from what she told us, this place was one of New Jersey's most haunted areas.Why? The story from her knowledge was that this was a creepy road that is located near many large estates(mansions). So what makes this road different from any other road? Well for one this road is odd seeing as how it is more of a trail opposed to an actual road. The road also gets slimmer the further you go on so basically it can only support one cars width...if any one is crazy enough to drive down. Well anyway, the story is that an old Marlboro escaped psychiatric patient had a child and had taken it down this road and had killed it there. There is also a tree that many speak of that is supposed to depict a baby's face and there is also a randomly placed statue of the virgin mary which is also creepy.

So other versions of the Igoe road story are also strange, one example and telling of this story is that a nun had refused to throw her baby into the river, so soon after she was accused of witchery and was ordered to be killed. So because of this she ran into the woods(and into Igoe Road) and she was said to hide in the imfamous 'tree' that is located in Igoe Road, there she eventually died with the baby in hand and the tree eventually grew around her.

Other stories also include simple stories like just the idea that a nun has commit suicide down the trail simply because she was pregnant. One version also included a story of two sisters, one of which was pregant, the other which helped aboort the baby in these woods, soon after they dropped the baby into the opening of the tree and then the tree had grown around it and offers an outline of the baby on the tree( which many people have claimed to see. )

So if youre not conviced or scared of any of these stories yet then maybe this will help. One thing that is claimed by many who venture down the trail is that at night when walking down into the road that you can hear the faint cries of a baby,the same baby that had been killed there. This has been tested by my cousin and her friends as well as they had to turn and drive away because the cries became too much for them.

For those of you who are more skeptical, more concrete evidence is needed, that is no problem. If mere stories arent enough to creep you out, then try not being freaked out by seeing nuns in the middle of this forest at times like 3 am. YES randomly walking nuns that have been spotted around the statue of the virgin mary or deep down into the trail. Why are these nuns here? Why at this time when no one would see them? I dont know about you but if you dont get scared by seeing nuns in the middle of the night on an isolated trail in the forest,there is defintly something wrong with you.

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