Because sometimes people cant open their eyes until you force them to.

Okay ,lets get right into it. The biggest debate in recent weeks. The decision to build a mosque near ground zero. Lets not even mention the fact that 9/11 was an inside job produced by the United States government, ( everyone reading this and thinking its one of those typical conspiracy myths go read a fucking book or do some research, watch Loose Change and read up on Operation Northwoods=9/11 is a proven conspiracy.) So for a moment I'll humor those who feel strongly that 9/11 was masterfully executed by Muslim militant terrorists. The very fact that we live in a society that is so easily manipulated to associate these few individuals to an entire population and religion speaks volumes.

How sickening it is to hear that there are thousands , hundreds of thousands of people feel as though Islam directly coincides with terrorism. Now how even more sickening it is to hear that the majority of these people are living in one of the most diverse areas in the world in NYC. The debate that has arose in recent weeks has been that of the mosque that has been approved to be built 2 blocks away from WTC. Another bone to throw out there......this is NOT even that close to the ground zero site, 2 blocks away is not within the ground zero memorial/ rebuilding vicinity, it is public domain.

My concern is not with the legality of the building site because only the racist morons who are against the building of this mosque are the ones who thought it was an issue. Like I said earlier it is not an issue because its private property once it was purchased, end of story.

My concern is with the people who are going out of their way in protest of this project. It is easy to see when someone is arguing from a logical standpoint and when they are arguing from an emotional standpoint. Its easy because more often than not those who argue from the emotional standpoint are usually the ones who sound stupid. I can understand why the building of a mosque may be offensive to some who are under the impression that Muslim terrorists were the motivating factor of acts like 9/11. But that is the extent of their arguments, nothing but pure racist comments. Islam did not attack the United States on 9/11. Terrorists did. (Mainstream belief, once again i'm going to ignore the true happenings of 9/11 for the sake of making my point) The terrorists happened to be Muslim. The idea that it was an act of Islam against democracy and all that other bullshit is a media concoction. There are Muslim extremists out there in the middle east and maybe some abroad as well, but who is to say there are not extremists of every religion?

Long story short, mainstream Muslims that live in America today are being exploited more and more as time goes on. Was there ever a problem with Islam before 9/11? No , so how all of the sudden does every Muslim that has been around you in this country for years now a terrorist all of the sudden. I know this sound s a bit extreme to say everyone against the idea of the Cordoba House thinks Muslims are terrorists but the fact of the matter is that most of them do!
I for one am tired of seeing ignorant signs like this and hearing from the morons who think they are just in making such signs. It is morally unjust for an individual to say that a mosque should not be built in lower Manhattan, what makes you so entitled? When did citizens begin to care so much about whats built on private property? I don't see this kind of uprising when we go into other countries and built churches everywhere, what makes this different? Fact of the matter is that 3/4 if not more of the people who feel so strongly against the building of the mosque have no clue as to what is going on other than the fact that they hear the word Muslim and ground zero in the same sentence. Maybe pause your racist brain for a moment and think of the benefits its produces. There are plenty of mosques and churches all over NY, there are many famous/ large churches in the city, why can't there be a a large mainstream mosque? The Cordoba House is sponsored by the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative, both of which has held great history of improving Muslim-western relationships as documented by their websites.

One interesting fact obtained by reading the Cordoba House website is the explanation of the the name they chose for the Muslim Centre they intend to build. Cordoba, which is based on the medieval city in Spain which was known for having Muslims, Christians and Jews coinciding for more than 800 years successfully. How powerful and how fitting to be placed in the heart of New York City near ground zero. A symbol that Islam is not a threat, a symbol that Muslims are not terrorists. A symbol that racist citizens do not wish to address.

One more reminder to those who feel strongly against the building of the mosque for whatever reason, please understand that a mosque literally is another word for a Church, As a church is your place of worship, a mosque is ours. Imagine for a second people accusing all churches of being a breeding ground for terrorists, how can such a thing even be associated?

I always thought that logical and smart people understood that we never go by the exception, always the majority. It is true, if you are a decision maker or a CEO, or a manager, you don't change everything because one thing goes wrong or if a few people don't like something, you go by the whole. So there's a few mosques out there and a maybe a few thousand Muslim extremists and terrorists, okay so you mean to tell me that this is basis for calling hundreds of thousands of mosques a breeding ground for terrorists and that millions of Muslims are terrorists. Think of how stupid that sounds, and yet that is what everyone is doing, associating the few to the millions.

People honestly need to wake up and understand that there is an agenda behind the attack against Islam. The media is winning and people against the mosque are examples of just how much they are winning by. To turn people against Islam has become so easy, stop falling for the traps and wake up. Think to yourself how many Muslims died on September 11th. Might be hard to actually because its never mentioned in the media because they don't want you to feel any remorse. They want you to believe an entire religion is to be hated and acts on terrorism is the norm. You may think to yourself " oh I know its not all Muslims" because that is what everyone says. There's a difference between thinking and acting. The very fact that there's this movement against the building of this Muslim Centre is sickening.

( Last note, all those who support or created the subway ads that will be posted against the building of Cordoba, there is no reason to speak in a civilized manner, so my message to you is hell is a place you will enjoy because it houses people like you guys, people with no ethics or morals, to go out of your way to pass such a subjective ad to impose your will and associate Islam with terrorism, you guys are sick and honestly pathetic.)

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