Michael Jackson

The King of Pop

The recent passing of the legendary Michael Jackson has left the world in a state of shock. The news to me at first seemed nothing more than a cruel joke. Ever since I was a little kid I loved Michael Jackson. His music was inspiring and it was the best music I ever heard. It was unique in every sense, the fact that he at times was ridiculed and mocked and disliked by few made it all the more reason to like for me. It made me different. While everyone else conformed to liking hip hop and rap and did what all the cool kids were doing, I held my ground and always remained true to my actual interest. The thing that bothers me the most about his death is the fact that he was not given this much respect and love until after his passing. It took his death to bring so many people to their senses and to understand what he gave to the world. The same people who would make fun of Michael Jackson and who would be quick to judge him without giving him any benefit of the doubt became the same people posting how 'sad' they were about his death in their facebooks and twitters. Its funny how fast people suddenly become fans when its "okay" to like him -.- Despite the stupidity of fake fans, the fact remains that one of the biggest icons in modern music and entertainment died. His music changed the world, broke barriers, and raised the bar for all future artists. I've never seen any other artist leave such an impact on so many places, when Jackson died the news spread incredibly fast and tributes and memorials were held worldwide.

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