I'm sure that everyone out there has particular things that drives them crazy. Here is where I will post things that piss me off the most. For those of you who take mass transit or any other form of public transportation you know it can be a bitch when it gets crowded,especially on the TRAIN. What bothers me is not the fact the train gets crowded, but the fact that some idiots feel as though they can make room out of nowhere and force themselves into a train that is already packed enough. Honestly if the train is super crowded, people need to stop being assholes and wait for the next train because they are only making it more uncomfortable for themselves and everyone around them. The other thing that gets to me is the fact that people ACTUALLY try getting angry or annoyed because there's no space and think they can take it out on the people who are already on the train and think that they are the ones that should move.....GET the FCUK outtta here, if you chose to enter a train which is so tightly packed that you and only you should suffer being uncomfortable, not those who were already on the train.


Honestly I have never had a problem with Tom Brady and even have him on my fantasy team, he was my first round pick. Hes an amazing player and is one of the best quarterbacks in the league....So whys he on my 'fcuk' post, because hes a FOOTBALL player and acts like a girl whenever he plays a tough team. My favorite team is the Baltimore Ravens, if any of you have been keeping up with football you should know the ravens are one of the most dominating teams thus far. In years past they have been good as well, but their offense never stacked up to their imposing defense. After the departure of defensive coordinator Rex Ryan, the ravens have become a much more balanced team, the ravens defense will always be great no matter who is the coordinator so even if it hasn't been up to their own standards, it is still a lock-down defense. But the story of the year so far has been the emergence of QB Joe Flacco. The ravens have been making headlines thus far for their amazing offensive performances with 2 500 yard offensive games already. In any event some haters argue the ravens havent played any one significant yet( even though this is a stupid arguement because the ravens have still been consistent regardless) the ravens would play the NE Patriots in week 4 and would be their first real test. Did the ravens fall under the pressure? NO...despite the clos...BULLSHIT loss to the patriots the ravens still perfeormed outstandingly and played their hearts out against the patriots were teamed up with the referees for the victory. NE's TOM BRADY has shown that he must be treated like a little girl when playing the ravens as he cried and whined for referees to call roughing the passer...TWICE.....as he didnt even fall to the ground....pussy football like this has no place in the nfl, especially when it cost a team like the ravens a well deserved win. Both penalties resulted in TD ending drives. and despite all this the ravens were still able to come within yards of winning. And to all those who un-knowledgeable football fans who say clayton still should have caught the ball and thats why they lost, IT WOULDN'T HAVE NEEDED TO COME DOWN TO SECONDS LEFT IN THE GAME FOR HIM TO CATCH A BALL IF NOT FOR ALL THE CALLS AND SHOTTY REFEREE DECISIONS. Point is,its hard to win when you're playinganother team..and the refs.

Protest? Nothing to Fear

To be totally honest, I strongly oppose protests. No, actually I oppose mainstream protests. Protests no longer strike fear into public officials or law enforcement, but rather are nothing more than a staged event. They are now organized and protected by the very people who the protests may be against. Most protests nowadays are simply laughable. In all seriousness, protests do not fit the times. Events that have been taking place in our world today are probably the sickest we have seen in our countries history and yet we have not progressed in our power to state our views against it. We are moving in the wrong direction. History has shown us when things got out of hand and we started to lose agency, more drastic measures would take place such as riots and revolutions. Those in power were kept in check due to the constant reminder that they could be over taken at any point in time. Now lets try applying this to todays issues. Can anyone honestly say that they can picture a revolution in today's society? It would truly be a cold day in hell when something of that magnitude would ever be allowed today, we all live under the pointed guns of authority, fear is systematically instilled in every last one of us. This however, did not come without warning. Without going too in depth, Karl Marx had somewhat prophetically predicted the state of todays society all those years ago. He had a belief that society under capitalism would collapse and when it did that was when people needed to come together and revolt against the flawed economic system. He said there would be an event where people would be pushed to their limits, a society where poverty would reach millions. Something early advocates of capitalism mocked and said was impossible. Then the Great Depression happened. The exact thing Marx spoke of, only think he did not foresee is the level of brainwashing capitalism produced. We no longer fought for our rights and did not have that massive revolution. This was an act of enabling. This was the beginning of the end quite frankly. Ever since then we have lived under capitalism with both its success and its failures and a side effect of this has been our weakened voices in the public domain. Although protests are good natured and may be backed by true motivation for wanting change, I just feel we are simply at the point where it is powerless and a new method must be developed, what may that method be? You tell me.

Drinking for the Sake of Drinking

Okay so this might not be my most popular post but I'm going to do it anyway,haha. I understand why people drink, it is a good ice breaker , you get more loose, people have more fun, alright, that is not my problem. What I don't get is why people just drink drinks that taste like dog shit and coffee mixed just for the sake of saying they could do it. Does this make you more of a man, if so you got it. All i'm saying is the drink should taste good no matter what the purpose is for, if you want to get fcuked up, why not get fcuked up and have your mouth be happy. I don't know, maybe this is a me thing but yeah, I just don't like dog shit coffee, sue me.

Florida Church Plans "Quran Burning Day" on 9/11

The title says it all. There is so much I want to say about this issue but in all seriousness I do not feel like getting all angry about this issue once again. I needed to get one thing off my chest though, it it wasn't already blatantly obvious about how disrespectful and unjust this 'event' is I will explain why. All those who defend this ridiculously idiotic 'demonstration' try utilizing legality in its defense. They say why shouldn't they be allowed to burn it, its perfectly legal. My concern isn't with the legality of it. Things in life are not so black and white that just because it is legal that it should be allowed. Where did morality and ethics go? I didn't realize we memorized the laws word for word. Why is that not mandatory? Because we are all born with common sense and the ability to interpret law. So to all those who are arguing this should be allowed simply because it is legal is very pathetic in my opinion. The larger issue here is that there already is this large perception is Islam the religion being connected to terrorism which is a huge misconception perpetuated by the media. So if we are to bring up law, how about freedom of religion? How hypocritical is it to defend such acts with laws when this surely is a demonstration against this basic freedom? The people who support this movement plan on burning Qurans which are holy Muslim books and it is a supposed movement statement against terrorism. People with common sense understand just how stupid this is. Why? Because since when did an entire religion become terrorist extremists? Answer it never did, so why make an example of a few by burning a book billions find sacred? Racism in this country is getting to scary levels, it is the new fad to be racist against Muslims. More and more bigots are blatantly stating they're illogical views without fear of consequence . The world we live in...

"All men are the same"

Here we go, so quite honestly, most of my friends are girls, so just from hanging out I hear a lot of what girls talk about. And nothing is more awkward when they start talking about how bad every guy is, haha. You know what, this is hard to get upset about because they're not totally wrong. Theres a lot of guys out there who love being assholes, but this isn't where the story ends. It's just a fact that girls go for guys who are like this so you really ought to stop complaining. There are many guys out there who would actually care about you and wouldn't cheat at first chance. I know because i'm one of those guys. No girl will ever understand just how many guys there really are out there that are fucked up and would drop you in a second, this is something you'd only know from just being with the guys. So why am I different? I feel like no matter how many girls a guy can get from cheating or being an asshole, they'll never understand what I have. I mean it does go both ways, I'll never know how they feel but I know in the long run they might just end up alone , I'd rather have someone I've been with for years. Some girls need to realize that friendship is the best way to start a relationship, my girl was my best friend, some people think that isn't the way, but why not? If you're going to spend so much of your time and energy with someone you have to want to be with them at all times. For me we've had this before we went out so things only got better. Some may say how do you spend so much time with her and not get bored, how do you talk to her on the phone for hours and hours? I hear these questions and they say it as if its crazy but honestly....I don't want to come off the wrong way but I'm sure most girls wish they had someone to do the same with, because they probably deserve it, you just got to stop lowering your standards.We exist.

Point of this whole thing is that theres a whole lot of girls out there that deal with things they really shouldn't be dealing with, the worst is when you start settling. Never settle. Love is perfection.

512(: Two years, always strong.

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