So nowadays everyone feels they are espn analysts so this is my place to do the same. Except this is where I will shut down arguments and explain my points... which are usually right =]

Kobe v LeBron

The debate is one that has grown out of proportion and has lead to ignorant assumptions of the 2 players. To say one of these 2 players 'sucks' compared to the other should get you shot. And yet many idiotic 'fans' resort to doing so. Both players are unquestionably the best the nba has to offer. Simply because Lebron James does not yet have a ring does not render him as a scrub, he statistically has been the best overall nba player in the league and yes that means better than Kobe Bryant. When you put the players in a larger historical context, obviously Kobe Bryant is a greater player because,yes he has more rings. But you have to look at how long Kobe has been in the league, hes had more opportunities so obviously he has more rings, and anyone who fails to see that he HAS been blessed with great teams and coaching staff during his championship runs is clearly blind. not to use this as an excuse for Lebron but its just facts. End of story both players are amazing and no one is justified in saying either sucks based on anything at all, if you think otherwise you're stupid =]


Another hot topic in sports is the upcoming summer free agency opportunities which include stars like Bosh, Wade, Amare, Dirk, Boozer, Johnson and of course Lebron James. Okay lets just jump straight into what everyone is talking about....Lebron. Being from New York I understand the hype surrounding James and how badly the Knicks want him....ATTENTION TO ALL NYK fans: HE IS NOT COMING TO THE KNICKS. Like honestly put yourself in his shoes,would you come to the knicks? Didn't think so. Theres no reason to. If he is to leave the team he has called home for 7 years in Cleveland the only motivating factor would be the increased possibility of winning a championship. Going to the knicks no matter who else they get will not produce that outcome. Why? because the destination is so revolting that no others would be attracted to the team anyway, theres nothing to offer than money. The main argument delusional knick fans conjure up is that he'd make the most amount of money here. Okay, one like I said before, this will be his 8th year in the league and he is compared to the likes of Jordan and Kobe who both have multiple rings. Rings is all he is concerned with now.
Second, the Cavs by rule can offer James the highest contract. True the NY market will produce the most marketing revenue for him but honestly James already has all the money in the world and will be getting a max contract from any team he goes to. And he was able to generate huge sponsorships and marketing in a place like Cleveland............so yeah he could do it anywhere so the city argument is dead as well. Lastly, the knicks are not the only team with money! There are many other teams that already have a good base without signing anyone of these free agents. One NY based team that did stand some chance was the nets IF they had gotten the first pick from the lottery and brought in John Wall but that didn't happen so no. That leaves 2 possible destinations. Miami and Chicago.The heat are most likely retaining their star in Wade, so thats already less money in their pool but they still should have enough to bring someone in. In terms of fitting in, I feel the heat need a big man which can be found in signing either Amare or Bosh. BUT the main reason I feel they will not acquire James is not because of need but because The bulls by far has the greatest opportunity to sign Lebron. For the last few years they have made the playoffs and fought hard. They took the would be champion Celtics to game 7 the year they won the chip. This past year they ironically gave a hard test to the Cavs. Their young core in Derick Rose and Noah is an amazing lure for Lebron. They are set up for success even without James so the addition would surely make them championship contenders. Also Lebron is a small forward, the Bulls already has a talented sf in Luol Deng. This is the key I feel for the Bulls advantage. With James Deng becomes dispensable and they could trade him to free up space and they could then sign either Bosh or Amare to provide that inside presence the bulls have been lacking.
And to the truly idiotic argument that James will decline because the shadow of Jordan is to intimidating..................honestly that plays 0% into this decision, James already is considered one of the greatest skill players of all time and all he is missing is rings, and there have been many others who have had big shoes to fill and have been undaunted aka Kobe Bryant following the likes of Kareem and Magic.

So it looks like my prediction did not pan out as I thought it would. Lebron James actually chose to join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in South Beach and play for the Miami Heat. Clearly one of the most dominate trios ever put together. As a actual heat fan i'm ecstatic but as a sports fan I think the better move was for him to goto Chicago. Nonetheless the decision was his to make and he chose what he thought was best for him and it must be respected. No matter what people say everyone will be watching this amazing and exciting team.

Perfection? =/

Another recent event in the sports world was when Detroit pitcher Armondo Gallarago was totally and utterly robbed of a perfect game by the mis-call by first base umpire Jim Joyce. In all reality the umpire is just human and can make mistakes like anyone else. But my problem with this situation is that he had to be more aware of the situation, the fact that it was the 9th inning with one out left for the perfect game... no matter what the call SHOULD be , the umpire should have internalized that a close call should 98% be called an out just because. That may sound unfair but its true, but nonetheless the call WAS in fact an out by nearly a foot. MLB will surely do something to correct this as it has been a fiery topic and everyone feels as though he was robbed of history. I am upset because no matter how many tears Joyce sheds, no matter how many apologies he gives, no matter if MLB reverses the game and gives him the perfect game call, Gallarago will never be able to fully embrace and enjoy his amazing achievement as he would've that day. It simply is something that needs to be lived in its moment. Simply giving him the acknowledgement of having the perfect game statistically is nowhere near enough. Nothing will ever give him the feeling he should have felt and its truly heartbreaking because of how rare throwing a perfect game is.

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