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Everywhere you look there is always more questions than answers, think for a second how easy it is to accept our world the way it is without questioning it. It is done all too often and things need to change. People need to open their minds and look for answers. Why settle for the cruel and unusual circumstances so many submit to. In large part it is due to the lack of power and agency we as a society now feel. It hasn't always been this way, we individuals were once able to demonstrate great opposition to those in power, we were once able to strike fear in the eyes of the corrupted. Times have changed for the worse, that fear once used to keep those in power in check is now nothing more than a child with white bed sheets running around a house. This is a place where I will throw random thoughts and questions out there to make you reconsider why we as individuals choose not to stand up for our rights.

One of the biggest philosophical debates of all time, why if God is all knowing, powerful and good can a force like evil exist? Why is our world not perfect?- Just from a logical perspective as well as an argument offered by philosophers, how can we even understand what 'good' is without a presence of an evil. Also from a religious standpoint, many religions consider the life we live now as a test of obstacles to assert where you stand in the afterlife, there's not much of a test if everyone is considered 'good' now is there? The force and idea of opposites is very powerful and has been recognized throughout history, if you disagree with this idea than much luck to you in life because this perfect world is more fictitious than any atheist could assert about religion.

Media, just a thought, millions of people listen to music everyday, one of the most powerful forms of media, many of us listen to it without ever considering a deeper meaning or understanding of why we listen to it. The answer of "it sounds good" is too simplistic. Consider that music artists are some of the richest people in the world, and for what? Is their work somehow helping the world so much so that they deserve more money than people such as doctors scientists and teachers? Where has our priorities gone in terms of income distribution. Anyway thats another story, but next time to listen to music just ask yourself why this industry is the multibillion dollar industry it is. Is it simply because it sounds good?

Think for a second, when you listen to music, what exactly is happening. One you are enjoying your favorite artists or bands, obviously. Two, you are probably bored and have nothing else to do, many people listen to music when they take long trips or during train rides. And then there are some who just listen as force of habit.  It may seem very innocent of an act to listen to music but think of what it takes away from you rather than what it does for you. When people listen to music or engage in any sort of media for that matter including television you neglect or ability to do something productive. This is hard to explain because clearly people need down time and do not want to be doing something proactive 24/7. Agreed. However while that argument is perfectly fine there is no denying the fact that there are millions of people who do not fall into this category of simple leisure or needing a break.

Lets put it this way, listening to music does not automatically mean you are doing something wrong. Rather when you are not paying attention or aware of what you are listening to is what can be dangerous. What? Okay so awareness plays the biggest role in what I am talking about. Here is a video I found on youtube that proves exactly what I mean, now if you have never seen this video before please do what the video says to honestly, do not cheat by fast forwarding or reading the comments, the impact will be defeated, you will truly be amazed.


" It is easy to miss something you are not looking for." An amazing quote. The video, amazing right? The fact of the matter is that even if you are one of the rare few who happened to notice the trick the first time through, there are hundreds of thousands of people who have been caught so you do not prove anything. sorry for the harshness but people need to understand that one person or a few person is called an exception for a reason, exceptions can not explain anything, the majority explains things. So the majority proves that this test is successful. Now why is this video on my blog. Okay so in this video you were told to count the number of passes the white team made, you were given an objective and focused on that goal. Music is similar in that your friends tell you a song is hot and you go and listen for things like beats and rhythm. Now you were so focused on the objective that the bear totally became invisible, it was always there, your mind just did not allow you to see it. But the fact that it was there, which it was throughout the video, meant that even when you did not notice it it was picked up by your subconscious. You personally do not have to be aware of something for your subconscious to be aware of something. Who cares right?

Here is my point, this video was a massive success in terms of catching people off guard and showing that people's awareness is not always as good as they may think. Now it is clear from watching the video that these people had a very mediocre budget. They by no means had to put very much money into this video, a couple of outfits, a bear costume and a basketball pretty much. So what? Well if they were able to enter your subconscious and by pass your awareness with a budget that probably did not surpass $100, imagine what multi million dollar music companies can do in their music videos.....or songs for that matter. 

Every one, conspiracy wise or conservative wise must agree that media plays a big role in influencing people all over the world. Now imagine how powerful a tool that can enter the public consumer mind without you personally being aware of it. Imagine what companies would pay to be able to have some sort of advertising message implemented in a music video, to reach a market of millions. And to do so basically in secret. Powerful. Now this is just the cut throat business side of things, what about other agendas, would this only be limited to corporate industries? Would this not be appealing to lets say the political process? Who is to say that the government would not find this tool attractive in order to maybe gain public support on controversial issues, elections, policies, etc.

Back to the awareness test for a minute, if I told you there was a bear in the video, I would not have to say anything more, I wouldn't tell you where or when the bear arrived, your chances of noticing the bear sky rocket, why? Because you are now aware. Your mind knows to pick up on something else. It is simple facts, show this to friends and do not say anything about the bear, and tell others theres a bear somewhere and you will see the results. What does this prove? This proves that this is not a battle we can not fight, there is no need to be pessimistic and give in to the music industries objectives. Some people might just say fuck it, what can I personally do to change anything at all. That answer is so ignorant and far from the truth. What we all can do is be more aware when we listen to music, pay attention to what the lyrics are, actively listen, if you are doing homework or reading a book and listening to music that is the most dangerous because your mind is not focused and your awareness is totally sleeping. If more people become aware that music is not just this rainbow-y thing to just listen for the sake of listening than you will be less affected by its subliminal nature. How do I know, proof is in the bear pass video. When you are aware, you look at the video like it's stupid and obvious and it does not work. Same application can be said about music.

Don't just hand over your mind, when people begin to think they have no chance in fighting, then that is the very moment they have won, corrupt higher ups in this world have done everything in their power to make things seem suppressive and make you feel as though you have no choice or say, stand up and fight back. 

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