Dream Crypt

So ever since I was a kid something I've grown accustomed to doing is controlling my own dreams. Yes controlling. Somewhat. In all seriousness, I know controlling what you dream about is quite impossible but something I have always done is try to stay awake and think about something for a very long time, long enough so that I fall asleep, and with enough detail that I, in most cases start to dream about it. I know a lot of people who say they cant dream and that is a very sad thing to hear. Maybe you'll try this simple method and things will change. Point is I realized there is so much that goes through my head before I fall asleep because of this nightly routine and I did not want it to go to waste. So some nights I type up a FB note called Dream Crypt. I will post them here. 

Dream Crypt One|8/25/2010|

Ever have that feeling where you cant function. That feeling of being overwhelmed. Like you'll explode without getting things of your chest? Ive been having that alot lately so this is where Ill put things to rest.

Sometimes people will take advantage of you no matter what. Some people dont realize the very reason they have this happen to them is their own fault. If you choose to be around people that are not the best for you then shit will happen. Being nice can only get you so far. Intentions are always the hardest thing to read. No one can look out for you better than...yourself. Sometimes its crazy from the outside looking in, to see how blatant something could be. And yet some people will still wait to be hurt to be convinced. I never understood that, reassurance should never come at that cost.

Most people are always in search of some type of person,be it a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend. They just need a few things from different individuals and sometimes they dont realize that everything they are looking for they already have. Its the simplicity of overlooking. Its good to value the people that are already in your life.

Time escapes so many. In a blink of an eye minutes change to years, sometimes you wish there was a rewind button. Crazy how one thing can lead to the next. Imagine being able to know how things could have been different with a few different decisions here or there.

Its also so crazy how some people can change so much. You wish that things would be the same, and then reality hits. This person is not who you thought they were. Admitting you no longer belong is the hardest part, realizing your time has passed. You cant control what you never witnessed.

Recognize friendship. True friendship. everyone you simply know are not your friends, something many people fail to realize. theres only a handful of people who are really down for you, its good to listen to what they may have to say, they see things best.

Some moments shape your life. No, nearly all moments shape your life in some way, but to know of how specific things alter your life is truely amazing when you connect the dots. Sometimes you may not like the puzzle you laid out for yourself, for me, I make the pieces fit. Everything happens for a reason, finding out why is half the fun.

Some of the biggest regrets are the biggest opportunities. Its a way out, an escape from what you think was right. Coming to grips that something was simply not for you is hard to do, but knowing you deserve better makes it a lot easier.

Dream Crypt Two |8/30/2010|

People always say one thing and mean another. People always talk rather than take action.
Its nothing new that people never take their own advice. But there comes a point when yoyu need to wake up. To realize you can't just put everyone else down about the very things you do as well. Live through your words.
Purpose. Meaning. Why.
Something that bothers me every night is realizing just how bad things have gotten. I am no exception, I feel everyone has equal fault. My biggest fear is that all those who can help to enforce plausible change are on the other side of the fence. When you lose sight of faith and spirituality you lose sight of the bigger picture. You're then living in this mundane 5 sense 'reality'. You then subject youself to dictated boundries. The most intelligent and able men and women will be so set for sucess in the here and now that they become apathetic to the after because to them there is no after. Whats to fear is that there is no changing their minds. It is easy to convince the poor,the lower class, maybe some of the middle class to accept that things are heading for disaster, but when youre staring down from the hills there is no misfortune. There is no awakening. And why should there be? To those who have never felt the misjustice of our government,to those who have never expirienced povery or tragedy. Its almost impossible to give up something when you do not see the flaws it may produce. And then there are those who are well aware of the flaws and continue anyway. But those people are not my concern. The people I fear are those who can truly help but are ripped away from us. Corruption is a devastating weapon.
I never disregard any ones thoughts, no matter what their level of credibility may be. Quite honestly, the people our society calls fools or crazy may be the most enlightened of us all. I think this world we live in is a very backwards place. The geniuses and scholars of our time are only titled so because they are crowned so, not because they earned so. In my opinion, just because you let governing institutions basically outline your life does not make you better than me. You handed your life over, id rather live mine. You will not ever agree with me until you wake up and realize you never really chose your path. That you wasted your entire life listening to what people told you. Sad life to live.

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