Vision is a Privilege Awarded to Few

I used to think we lived in a world that was just. A world where the bad guys were taken care of by good police officers. A world where criminals were nothing more than petty thieves and thugs. A world where I would not have to think about the bigger picture. A place where everything was under control. Well that last part is right, we do live in a world that is under control, just not by who we think. 

September 11th is a date that changed millions of peoples lives including myself for various reasons. This post will have been the 45852948578733585 time someone talks about what I will talk about but that is fine with me. To me awareness is something our society lacks and I am hoping this will further spread what has already been proven. 

Before diving into this vast subject, one thing I wanted to instill in people is just how dangerous the waters we are treading truly are. Like I mentioned earlier, there are hundreds of thousands of articles, bloggers, researchers, analysts, documentary directors who have all provided evidence of there being more to the original 9/11 report. With that said, there are still millions and millions of firm believers of the original 9/11 story issued by the government which is drenched with flaws and holes. What scares me is that, in terms of government cover ups 9/11 truly is one of the biggest flops in history and yet the government and media is still able to persuade and convince millions that their side of things is the truth. Think about that for one minute, it is no secret that the government engages in covering things up. Sometimes agreeably they do it for the well being of society. The problem however is drawing the line, who gets to decide what information is necessary for the general public to know.  Back to the point, if the government was successful in proving their side of the story in a cover up many people believe was a poor effort...imagine what the government and media can get people to believe when they do a good job. 

There will always be those who remain stubborn and claim that everything about 9/11's flaws were all coincidences and have no meaning. Sadly these people do not have the mental capacity to analyze concrete evidence. One of the fundamental arguments coincidence theorists (this is what I will be calling those who remain stubborn and ignorant towards proof that 9/11 was an inside job) bring up is that, how can America possibly attack its own people?............Really now?

Not to offend any patriotic enthusiasts out there but lets be very clear, if this government cared about you maybe poverty lines wouldn't be a joke. Maybe health care would not have taken a couple of decades to solve. Maybe the cure for cancer that exists would not be kept only in the market for millionaires. But to bring substantial evidence to my rant I will offer you to do some research on something called Operation Northwoods. 

What is Operation Northwoods?

So before I describe what operation Northwoods is, first many of the coincidence theorists will automatically upon first hearing of this will assume that this was some false story created AFTER the events of 9/11 to gain credibility in its similarity. ( Meaning its easy to make something sound similar to 9/11 after it actually happened because then you have something to try to resemble.) BUT these ignorant people can not use that argument on this case. Sorry. April 2001, which if you happen to notice is BEFORE September 11, 2001, is when Body of Secrets was published. It was a book written by James Bradford who was an investigate reporter for World News Tonight. Long story short, the book basically describes what operation Northwoods entails. The operation was designed to have the American military conduct acts of terrorism, in US cities and even kill civilians to solely blame it on Fidel Castro. Why? What is there to gain to kill your own people and to blame it on someone like Fidel Castro. The answer is to win over public and international support to invade Cuba which otherwise would be impossible. MHMM do you see where I am going with this?

How is this possible? What did the operation consist of?
Well the plan was initially created by The office of the Joint Chief of Staff who acted under Army general Lyman Lemnitzer. James Bamford was able to stumble upon the documents of Operation Northwoods while he researched the NSA ( national security agency).  Here are some the nasty and eye opening things the Us government and army planned to do. ( Main Source for this post, David Icke : Guide to the Global conspiracy and How to End It.)

1) Blow up an American ship and to then blame Cuba ( The US would blow up one of its own ships with American civilians on board.) 
-Justification was given through the idea that this would entail a increase in national patriotism and support for a retaliation. 

2) It was planned to kill John Glenn. Glenn was a US astronaut and the idea was to have the first american that would be placed into orbit killed by a rocket explosion and to blame that on Cuba. 
- Justification that was given for this is that it would provide irrevocable proof that Cuba was at fault. 

3) All members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff agreed for the following actions, to have innocent people shot on American Streets.

4) To have boats which carried refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk

5) Unsuspecting acts of terrorism to be committed in areas including Washington DC, Miami, etc. 

6) People to be framed for bombings they did not do.

7) Hijacking of planes.

8) The landing of 'friendly' cubans wearing uniforms to stage attacks against the US

9) Blowing up ammunition and starting fires inside bases.

10) Blowing up an unmanned vessel in Cuban waters so that it could be blamed on Cuban Aircraft because they would naturally be in their own airspace. 

11) Creation of false casualty lists so the Us media portrays the evil acts of Cuba's murders, done to have the news media gain public support.

12) Conduct mock funerals, exact quote.....

13) Use of Soviet Union lookalike planes flown by Us pilots to harass our own US civilian passenger planes.

14) The attacking plane would be painted as a F-86 giving the passengers the impression it was a Cuban plane for when they come off the plane and talk to reporters and families. 

All of the previous information was information that was included in direct quotes from Bamford in his analysis of the Northwood documents.

These were just few of the many plans described in Operation Northwoods. These were presented to President Kennedy in March 1962. It was offered by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. This classified project was rejected by "civilian leadership". so why are these documents important if they never came to fruition? Because these sound exactly like the acts of September 11th. To all those who argue and say the government would never do this to its own people are proven wrong by the documents of operation Northwoods because that is exactly what they planned to do 40 years before September 11th. Another thing to take away from this is that imagine the technological advances that have come in 40 years, so any gap that you feel can not be explained has been accounted for in this gap. 

So now what really happened on 9/11? Conspiracy theories believe the planes that really flown into the World Trade Center were not passenger 747s but rather drones. Drones are remotely operated planes, usually much smaller in scale. So how is this possible for this to be done on a large scale version?

Lets break this down. After the attacks Bush called for the creation of sir support to planes that would allow ground air controllers to manually/ remotely take control of a passenger plan mid flight if it were ever to be hijacked like during 9/11, the ideology behind it being that if a plane was hijacked or if a pilot became disengaged somehow from flying ground controllers could safely land the plane, how noble. 

It is funny because both Bush and The New York Times said this type of technology is far in the future. This is hard to believe because of the before mentioned drone. And also beside that every commercial airplane has the ability to be taken over remotely from the ground with a hack into its flight management system. So not only does the technology exits, it has already been installed. 

( To be Continued) 

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