Who Needs A Catchy Title When This Post Is About Weed?

Happiness or Delayed Depression?

Okay. Weed. This is probably going to be one of my most controversial posts just because theres so many different views on this topic. Many views that will oppose mine to be more specific. Personally, I feel like its a stupid thing to do, my opinion. Maybe stupid is a bit strong, so I take that back, I think its a bit unnecessary. Theres a bunch of reasons that I will go over of why, but the main reason is that in society today and throughout history, one makes assumptions based on the majority. So just from my experience dealing with people who smoke, I have come across a majority of people who are fuck-ups, failures, plain stupid, or immature people who smoke. Of course there are exceptions, some of my best friends smoke on a regular basis but the point I'm trying to make is that the if the majority of people fall into categories that I just described, then it says a lot. The main point of this post is going to go over pros and cons of smoking, there are way too many misconceptions about this topic. Too many people think there is nothing wrong with smoking in terms of health and well being which is ignorant. And too many people judge those who smoke without knowing why they are doing so. So I hope this post helps.

Let's start with pros so I don't lose my like 90% of my audience.

1) This is not so much a pro but an argument that can be made. The damage weed could do would be the same or less as the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes which are both legal. So this would be a legalization pro.

2) Medical use of marijuana have proven to help in the treatment of cancer, glaucoma and AIDS.

3) If legalized, more police attention could be paid on more serious crimes rather than possession.

4) It is arguably one of the best social drugs, helps you become more open and less shy.

5) Studies show that weed helps relieve the feeling of nausea.

6) Some believe weed helps in the non tangible sense, with things like creativity and opening up ones mind.

7) Use of weed can help blood cells become more oxygenated which in turn can help cleanse already poisoned cells, like cancer cells.

8) No one has ever died directly from a weed overdose compared to other drugs which do not have similar luck.

9) It increases appetite which may prove beneficial when it comes to treatment of patients who may undergo chemotherapy.

10) Believed to relieve mental tension which calms your brain and body.


1) Idk, I hate the smell so i'm using that as the first con.

2) Dangerous increase in heartbeat and reduction of blood pressure. ( Weed smokers are 3x more likely to have a heart attack, no this isn't a theory, there are studies, this information is all public, look it up, and don't just click the first thing you see on Google, look at credible sources, a doctor is more credible than your dealer. )

3) Proven studies that memory and brain processes becomes impaired over time.

4) Development of chronic cough/ respiratory problems , also causes many to develop nasty spitting problems.

5) Distorted perception in terms of sight/vision , sound, time , touch.

6) Short term memory problems

7) High doses can cause hallucinations, delusions, and disorientation.

8) Increased risk of lung infections, causes obstructed airways.

9) 3x more likely to develop head or neck cancer in a weed smokers life time compared to a non-smoker.

10) Women: weed consumption can affect the baby, may lead to the child being born will have problems with neurological development.

11) THC in weed is known to impair the immune system which is what protects your body from disease.

12) To go along with the above, weed use reduces the amount of T blood cells your immune system which help protect your body.

13) Known to be a gateway drug, meaning it more often that not leads one to try harder drugs to see how it feels, and the other drugs are obviously more detrimental such as heroine or crack.

14) Guys, do you have boobs? Thank weed for those bad boys, high weed dosages is credited to male breast enlargement.

15) Decreased fertility.

16) Marijuana that is produced today contains a level of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, a mind altering chemical) 25 times the amount it contained in marijuana in 1960. Also, depending on how cut tit is, it may contain many other chemicals that are considered carcinogenic ( cancer causing) Whoa.

17) Becoming psychologically dependent on it.

18) Slowed reaction time ( bad when driving, and yes it's a fact, just because you think nothing has changed doesn't mean it isn't true, theres studies, I'll take studies over your word)

( These little comments in the parenthesis are geared to people who tend to get defensive about some of these things, but they've all been proven by studies which analyze hundreds of people. ) 

19) Marijuana smoke has been found to contain more cancer causing agents than that in tobacco smoke.  

20) Episodes of severe depression, pain, anxiety, suicidal thoughts. 

All of these things can be found easily online. I just took it upon myself to gather it all and put it in one place. This doesn't mean I have anything against people who do or don't smoke weed. The only thing that is upsetting is many people make assumptions without doing research. I've come across too many ignorant people who say weed is 100% okay and convinces others to do it and its simply not true. There are many arguments that can be made about why it should be legalized but that is a different issue. Legality is not my concern, my concern is that the benefits smokers tend to use in their defense are medical benefits. As listed above, yes, there are MANY health benefits it may provide it terms of treatment but 90% of you guys don't have those health problems. Are you going to take cold medicine in the summer when you're perfectly fine? Probably not, so don't use reasons about how it can help with cancer when you don't have cancer, common sense.

All I can really say is I'm one that doesn't smoke, drink or do any drugs and I have a happy life. There are simply too many people out there who rely on these things for happiness. Those things do not equal happiness, they equal delayed depression.

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