The Pack Mentality: Hiding Behind Numbers

6'5, 250 lbs, Imposing, Brolic, no nonsense type of dude..... Oh wait, that how you looked/acted like when you had 50 people behind you. Why is it that when I see you by yourself you shrunk to 5'3, and lost about 140 llbs? Science Miracle?

Sadly, we all more likely than not have encountered individuals like this. People who act hard and like they are the toughest shit around when they have numbers. This pack mentality is a growing sickness that needs to be stopped somehow. I'm tired of little wanna be thugs acting like they fight for the UFC. In all honestly these are the types of people that would be left in a pool of blood if they acted the way they do alone. The fact that people back down and do not continue to fight you is not because they are scared of you. OH NO, do not get gassed, you are not tough shit, people just have brains, something you may be lacking if you're one of these types of people. People are just smart enough to realize no matter if they know they can  beat you within an inch of your life, the odds are they can't do that with 15 people jumping in. Oh and make no mistake about it, those people who jump in are probably just as much of a pussy as the one who was talking is. The thing that gets to me the most about these types of people is the happiness they get from it. They truly believe that people fear them. GET THIS OUT OF YOUR HEAD. If you're trying to prove something, then do it yourself. If you have a problem with someone, or you're about to get in a fight and the first words out of your mouth are " wait till I get my people get here" you have no spine and all you have proven is that you still hug teddy bears at night. There is really no solution to something like this, it sucks because even if you find them by themselves, you can rest assured that they would cry to their "gang" afterward. The only thing I can offer up to people is to be the bigger person and realize that these people can't live their lives without having a crowd of people around them. Just try to keep in mind that they aren't going to have this group for their whole lives, when reality hits and they are left with no friends they will have a sad and fearful life to live. It'll make it all worth while when they're the ones looking over their shoulder and having no one there. 

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