Newspapers or Political Tools

The headline in the paper above is very fitting. In many ways, we are screwed. You just don't see it yet.

We all take media for granted. We underestimate the effect they have on the world. Granted credibility takes a long time to establish but what happens when those resources we accept as legitimate is flawed?

People need to finally open their eyes and take things for what they really are. The New York Post is well known to have their conservative bias whereas the New York Times has its liberal stance. My question is why do we accept that?  It's not a secret that these papers have these political stances. Journalism should not have these biased stances. We should be able to formulate our own opinions based on the facts. But more and more each day our news outlets are feeding us fairy tales or stories full of lies. We downplay the importance saying " oh well thats just politics". Try to consider the effects it will eventually have. Don't let others think for you.

Here is a quick thing that caught my eye when examining how the two newspapers, Times & Post covered the same story ( NY budget cuts in regards to education)

New York Post: “Fully 77 percent of the voters- more than three out of four- view Cuomo’s performance favorably, a Sienna College Poll released yesterday shows”.
New York Times:  “ Nearly two-thirds of respondents in a Sienna College Poll released on Monday said they opposed Mr. Cuomo’s school-aid cuts.

Now I don't know about you but something here doesn't add up. To truly see the drastic differences political stances can make an article sound take a look for yourself. The quote from the Times article is headlined " As Schools Face Cutbacks, a Debate Over What's Fair". The quote from the Post's article is headlined " NY likes Leadership"

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