21st Century Holocaust: Globalization

If I’m a Conspiracy Theorist, You’re a Coincidence Theorist. 

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Say what you will…I’m sure you probably already have anyhow, but the Mayan Doomsday clock has been on the minds of many. Especially now because the “doomsday” is coming. I am in no way criticizing those who truly believe in it because I believe in many conspiracies myself. The only people I would criticize are the ones who use this as nothing more than a joke and pop culture reference, or source of getting attention. My own perception of 2012 is that it is not a doomsday for humanity but rather a dramatic change in the way we live. 

There are conspiracy theorists who talk about the Obama Deception ( pretty interesting, don’t dare to criticize it if you have not watched all the videos and read the research. If you don’t have time to look into something, you do not have rights to speak about it. Don’t agree? Suck one. 

Anyway, to describe it in a very simplistic way, is that many of the presidents we have had are indifferent in terms of objectives despite political party. To go along with that they believe there was a concerted effort to use Obama as a vehicle that would capture public appreciation and support after the series of “bad” presidents we have had in order to get away with certain things. Looking at it from a non conspiracy standpoint it makes just as much sense. It’s true isn’t it? Can you name another time in recent history when a president had as much support as Obama did when he was elected. Sure that has gone down significantly now but I’m getting to that. The point the videos illustrate is that the deed has been done and is irreversible. Many people overlooked actions Obama actually planned to take because they were blinded by his character and that he would be the first black president and that he was the voice of the people and blah blah. 
I’m getting a little unorganized with my thoughts here but whatever. Throwing out thoughts and you can piece them together. 

Globalization. NWO: New World Order.

How different the two terms are. Globalization, the formal word. The word idiotic people take as acceptable. New World Order, a term laughed at when viewed in light of conspiracy. The belief is that there is a concerted effort to create a one world government. I am disgusted to live in a society today that has been so brainwashed, to live in a society that things this notion is okay because it is described as “globalization”. Understand that this is no different from those evil characters in cartoons who wanted to take over the world. Actually, how about real people, Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Obama? Pro globalizers are ignorant plain and simple. The fact is no matter how much opportunity you provide people you are an exploiter. The ideal of true globalization only works if you raise lower level economies but to truly do that those at the top must come down. There is no way that will ever happen. Our society has grown so greedy and egotistical, it is literally impossible. We think too highly of ourselves to bring down our own level of prosperity to help others.

The true notions of globalization is to EXPLOIT. Other notions are to remove culture. Remove religion. IT is already happening. English is the main international language. There are pushes to create a one world currency. The U.S has thousands of military bases around the world. WHY!? WHY IS THIS OKAY? Pro globalizers believe it is necessary to remove cultural barriers. Who is to say that our culture and language and systems are best and must be used over others? The reason people are so blind is because this is all happening very strategically over time. Sure language isn’t that big of an issue, but what happens when freedom of religion comes into light? That won’t happen? How about you take a look into how Islam is being attacked on a daily basis in society and now even in law making. ( Sharia Law issue, google it.) 

Middle East
Another quick little thought, It is my personal belief that the revolutions and uprisings in the middle east are of no coincidence. This is hard for me to say what I am going to say because I am muslim and I support all of the people in their struggles but I always look at the bigger picture. I think even this has western support in lights of their globalization mission. These uprisings are creating instability in these muslim countries. Democracy is obviously being advocated and sought after. Although I support their notion for wanting freedom I criticize them for being naive. They are merely switching their imperialism from one form to another. True democracy does not exist anymore . It is a fact. They are seeking what we have, but we are enslaved as well. People just don’t want to think so. In my opinion I liked their system before despite the corruption and lack of freedoms because it posed an opposition to this monster than has become U.S globalization. The muslim nations were on of the biggest non “democracy” regions that posed some challenge to western globalizers. With this soon to no longer be the case, I fear for the future. 

2012 Connection
This is where my notions of what 2012 will mean starts to come in. I believe 2012 isn’t the end of the world but is the end of freedom as we know it. There will be a transition. I believe this is when “democracy” will take over the world and globalization will finally take effect. This is the beginning of the end. The disparity between rich and poor will never be greater. Imagine life with a one world government. Imagine the whole world left to one group of authorities. Just because it is the United States does not make it okay. Imagine if another country had military bases all over the world and you no longer have your own political powers for support against ideas you do not like. You are now powerless. The fact is NO MATTER WHAT, when a country has no fear of any others only corruption can emerge. This is also why I am against denuclearization of countries. Crazy? NO, why don’t you think about it for a second. Corruption has always been managed through checks and balances. Nuclear weapons in many regards are these checks and balances for the United States. It is a threat and they do not feel comfortable knowing something can be done to stop them. 

People do not like to think about things I have mentioned in this post despite its merit because it is a very pessimistic view on life. What can we do. We are merely pawns in this gigantic game of chess being played by the Illuminati and media. It all lies in perception. I am a strong believer in awareness. Awareness is a very powerful tool we can try to control. If we can just get more people to open their eyes and have the balls to question things we will have hope. Stop letting people who call you crazy or stupid when you talk about the idea of conspiracies bring you down. Are you really stupid because you knowledge of alternative sides of stories? Does that make sense, you know the side of the story the person criticizing you knows AND another side. Logically that makes the other person stupid if they want to play that game. Knowledge does not hurt. I am not telling everyone to jump on board and believe in the Illuminati and NWO like me, but I want people to at least open their hard headed minds to possibilities. Open yourself to researching alternative truths and make your own opinion on the issue. STOP LETTING PEOPLE TELL YOU WHAT THE “TRUTH” IS! God have you a mind, use it. If you don’t, you’re just making it that much easier for the media to take advantage of you. 

For me, I find that even spreading awareness has become too difficult. The media has already brainwashed people into widespread ignorance. I leave my faith in the hands of Allah. God wiling things will work themselves out.

This is the 21 first century version of the holocaust, whether you believe it or not. 

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