Occupy Freedom: It's Now Or Never.

Let's Revolt

So this blog post is a continuation of a facebook status I made last night. More and more I'm noticing the shifting tides of our society and how dangerously close we are to the end. I've always believed 2012 wouldn't be the end of the world but the end of the end of "freedom" as we know it. If you don't see it now I don't know that you ever will. There are a bunch of things on my mind in regards to this coming loss of freedom so I'm going to touch on a few starting with the Occupy movement

 The first thing I want to make clear is Occupy Wallstreet will be looked back on in one of two ways. One of which being it hailed as the movement that saved society and the other being the movement which was the last stand in defense of our freedom. Nothing less. The medias portrayal of occupy has been absolutely disgusting. It has been covered as nothing but an annoyance and disruptive act when in reality it has been a peaceful demonstration of our rights to assembly and protest. I don't care how many businesses and people are inconvenienced by the masses, understand that the REAL soldiers of America's past and REAL american citizens fought the powers of other countries and internal powers for this freedom. WHO ARE YOU to try telling people they can't fight for their rights now? Enlighten me.
In today's society we have all of our priorities misconstrued. The thing that bothers me most when it comes to Occupy are the people who comment on it with NO knowledge whatsoever. Seriously before you open your mouth think for one second, how much news media do you consume daily, espn and mtv do not count. Think about how many hours you spend watching television and on facebook and tumblr and then compare it to how much news you watch. Do you understand now why our society has become a joke and so easy to take advantage of? They can get away with things without even having to cover it up because we simply do not watch or pay attention to as much news as we should.  Anyway respect the Occupy movement and the people who are fighting for our rights. They are doing the things necessary for all of YOUR benefit. 99% is a big number, I'm pretty sure no matter how much it may annoy you, you ARE APART of the 99% whether you like it or not. Understand that we all are on the same team.

 This image should tell you all you need to know about Occupy, our government and police force. The thing that makes me so angry is how we, ALL OF US, can sit back and watch innocent people get tortured and attacked for no reason and not want to do something. Is it okay for innocient peaceful protestors to get maced? Is it okay for people to be wrongfully arrested for simply standing around a park? Is it okay for people to get bloodied and bashed by police without cause? How far as a society have we fallen that we take these things as the norm and accept it? Have we lost all sense of morality and  understanding of justice

Another issue that has annoyed me is how utterly disgusting the mayor has been in his pursuit of protecting his wall street investments through his attempts to disrupt the protest. Despite a COURT ORDER that allowed zuccati park protestors to return with their tents (that were STOMPED on and RIPPED from the ground) the police were still out barring the protestors in RIOT gear. IS our society really based on instilling fear? Why do we have to worry about being physically assaulted for peacefully gathering? Its disgusting and people need to wake up.

Why has it taken us so long to see this? It has been blatantly clear that we live in a no party system, not a 2/3 party system the media and government tries proclaiming we have. In the end the middle and lower classes always gets screwed. Promises that used to deliver change are now nothing more than election advertising. We no longer control our fates. We give power to those who constantly abuse and mistreat it. Think about it, can you name a president in the last couple of decades who have done anything to prove what they've promised? Obama was one of the most hailed elected officials since J.F.K and yet is now described to have only pushed the economy into further debt and misery. Yes we can?


Now if the whole media dismissal of occupy and police brutality wasn't enough I introduce to you Protect IP and SOPA act.  Basically this is the introduction of online censorship. Wait, last I checked I thought we lived in the United States... when did we relocate to China? Did we make the switch to Communism too? What am I missing? Is this a fucking joke? Now every bullshit act like this has to be done in a manner which doesn't expose its true bullshit off the bat so of course they described that these acts would strictly be for the music and movie industries to stop piracy. We all know that once something is developed its almost never used for its initial purpose. Especially when the music and movie industry already have many ways of going about this through various other acts. Also, who the fuck cares? In the midst of our economy and global state should our attention really be focused on people who download music and movies? Lets be real. This is about the beginning of the end. This is their attempt to online censorship. It has already been broadcasted from police officers and elected officials such as Bloomberg as their dislike towards social media networks such as facebook and tumblr in their role of spreading the Occupy movement. ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS? Your platform towards pro online censorship is the fact that you dislike the spread of a peaceful movement demonstrating whatever is left of our constitutional rights? Whatever happened to the government works for the people. We live in a society that has forgotten that. Our country and values are based on overthrowing a corrupt government. The millions of people around the country who have gathered in occupy movements can't all be wrong, what's different now is that the government has gotten too power hungry and full of themselves.

Now I'm sure something as stupid as this can never be passed ( let's hope). What bothers me is that it is still extremely disrespectful and mind boggling that they're even taking serious consideration into the matter. It's a slap in the face. Point. Blank. Period. It's comparable to asking the teacher if you can cheat on the test if you don't tell anyone else. SLAP. Sounds stupid but thats how it should sound, its exactly what the censorship acts sound like.

This video sums it all up. Too frustrated to continue writing as of right now but there will be more to come. As of now please follow what is going on and do not be the sheep our media has turned many of us into. Prove that we the people are the one who will dictate our futures. Do not just hand it away.


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