So I've finally gotten some time to blog some more. I can't wait to get into this one. Facebook. The very word strikes thousands of feeling into people upon hearing. Used by millions, loved by many, hated by..... many.

No way to really start this post off without just jumping into it so here goes. People...STFU. Nothing is more annoying than people who constantly complain about facebook. If you have one and you don't like it delete it. And NO that doesn't mean deactivate it and turn it back on in a week and bring your complaining ass back for the rest of us to hear. If you're serious about your hatred and lack of need for it than here is how you delete it. Not only do you deactivate it, you are going to goto change password, then you when it asks you to type a new one you're going to close your eyes and click random buttons. (If it asks you to retype just copy and paste) There now it is gone forever unless you are one of those fronters who try acting cool by saying you hate Facebook but secretly rely on it daily.

Quick sidebar: If you make a status saying good night Facebook or that you're going somewhere, GO!!!!!! why are you making 15 more statuses afterward. STFU. 

Next issue. Facebook, twitter and tumblr are all social media outlets. Outlets meaning outlets of information. Information we then post. We post information as we receive it. So logically when a popular or important event or controversial event occurs we will then use those outlet tools to pass on information. That is one of the PURPOSES of these outlets. So stop complaining when a million people are posting about the VMA's or about whats going on in a popular TV show series. Yes it may be irritating when all you see is statuses about it because you don't need to hear the same thing from every person but who are you to be upset at any individual for posting something that others are all posting?  You can't get mad at any one person because they are all doing it independently. Other than trying to explain this logically just learn to deal with it. It's nothing new and yet people always keep complaining. You being angry by it DOESN'T MEAN SHIT. You think your voice is going to overpower everyone else's? No. So why bother? If it upsets you that much look at my intro on how you should delete your facebook. Thanks.

Since I mentioned popular TV shows earlier I'm going to address that in this post too. This post is about Facebook but I might as well include it because what bothers me is the reactions on Facebook so here we go.

Jersey Shore is one of the most popular shows in recent years. And this is a fact not an opinion. It's backed by ratings and the sheer amount of money being given to these people and the fact that it has lasted 4 seasons. One of the things I've noticed on Facebook that it is becoming increasingly popular to hate on things people like just to try to look like they are being an un-comformist. NO. It isn't working. You're still being a conformist for trying to take part in that group of haters. Those who truly don't like it would be apathetic and wouldn't say anything of it. Go get something better to do with your life than to sit there and complain about people who enjoy a show thats entertaining. You are not einstein for realizing the show is totally stupid. If you hadn't already realized ....that IS what makes the show interesting and worth watching. People like watching other people be stupid. It's just a fact. Stop acting like you're all high and mighty with strict standards of television watching because I'm not buying it. Entertainment is entertainment no matter what form it comes in. And I'm sure there are shows these people like that others would think are just as stupid, they just choose to vilify Jersey Shore and shows like it because it its immense popularity. It's easy to target something like that. You're really not impressing anybody with your critiques. 

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